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About Ripe

Ripe is a SaaS platform that enables software businesses to learn who their best users are, and what next steps they should take with them.

Through Ripe, teams can get insights, surface the best prospects and engage with them in the right context.

Ripe was founded in 2021 and is based out of Stockholm, Sweden.

Location Stockholm, Sweden
Founded 2021
Employees 9
Industry B2B SaaS
Funding state Pre-seed
Web https://getripe.com

<aside> 🏦 We have raised $2M from top-tier investors like Earlybird Venture Capital, Alliance Venture, and prominent angels and business leaders from top SaaS companies such as Mentimeter, Pleo, Kry and Soundtrap.


<aside> 🗞️ Here's a bit of press from our pre-seed round fundraise:


🦄 What are we working on?

In the past, B2B software sales was a top-down exercise. People bought software over steak dinners and PowerPoints, without really knowing what they were buying or if their colleagues would even use it. Today, the buying power has shifted from C-suite executives to actual users. Buyers want to start using products and services for free and see the real value before considering a purchase.

Combining this self-serve approach with a real sales team that approaches the best opportunities has proven to be an extremely powerful combo.

We believe that product-led sales are how the next generation of breakthrough companies will get their products out in the world.

Think of your favourite software products. Slack, Figma, Dropbox, Zoom, Hubspot and even enterprise software like Datadog or Snowflake are all perfect examples of companies successfully deploying these bottom-up, end-user-focused motions. Customers love PLG software, and the companies that embrace it are growing the fastest.

Today, Ripe is focused on a multi-billion dollar opportunity, with product-led growth companies becoming the new gold standard of growing software businesses. Three out of five SaaS companies today are product-led, and 91% plan to increase their PLG go-to-market investments.

🍉 Our journey (so far)

I, Elin (Co-Founder & CEO) and Jonatan (Co-Founder & Product) had experienced the pain of bad timing and bad intel hindering GTM efforts while launching new products at Meltwater, Kry and Freya and were simply determined that there must be a better way.

We quickly spun up a beta, raised some money and have had solid traction since the beta went live a few months ago — we got our first couple of inbound customers and are now talking with bigger players about how we can help them grow. We’ve seen great engagement and real-world impact for teams using our service and are super excited to accelerate the momentum we have already built up.

Earlier this year we raised a $2M Seed round led by Earlybird Venture Capital, with participation by Alliance Venture and prominent angels and business leaders from top SaaS companies such as Mentimeter, Pleo, Kry and Soundtrap. We’re now growing our team — it’s going to be a great journey and a fun adventure and now is your chance to join early!